More than Just a Story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf

It isn't alright when you here of a 'peeping tom' incident on campus and go, "Oh another one?". It isn't alright when a girl has to lay herself out bare in order to win some justice against said perpetrator. It isn't alright when she then has to defend herself in public against skepticism and harmful rhetoric. Yet with Monica Baey's story, we've had all that happen within a single breath.

#Marchtowardswokeness? Tackling Singapore’s politically disengaged

Accused of being shallow, self-centred and generally uncaring about the nation's political climate, will the youth of Singapore ever be able to garner support the way #Marchforourlives did? Are these accusations even valid?

Of Beauty Parlors and Brown Bananas

“You, very good girl. Not crying. Good customer.” The slight curl of the syllables, the rolled ‘r’s of a different tongue, was followed by a vigorous plucking pulled between twisted thread that left a stinging throb beneath my skin. I was seated in one of the many beauty parlors dotting the Tanjong Pagar Plaza, watching … Continue reading Of Beauty Parlors and Brown Bananas