History Doesn’t Belong to the Dead

Where the obelisks of glass and steel soar into the sky, there had once been redbrick buildings barely five stories tall. As the original housing site for the first few residents of public housing, Duxton is the perfect setting for the 50th HDB Anniversary Project, the Pinnacle @ Duxton. Though nothing remains of the original … Continue reading History Doesn’t Belong to the Dead


Fighting Populism with TV Ratings

At first it seemed like an amusing comedy; we were parents watching a child from the sidelines in wait for him to eventually realize his immaturity and correct himself. But after a while the incoherent gurgling starts to become worrisome. And when your child still refuses to be potty trained at the age of 10, … Continue reading Fighting Populism with TV Ratings

Of Beauty Parlors and Brown Bananas

“You, very good girl. Not crying. Good customer.” The slight curl of the syllables, the rolled ‘r’s of a different tongue, was followed by a vigorous plucking pulled between twisted thread that left a stinging throb beneath my skin. I was seated in one of the many beauty parlors dotting the Tanjong Pagar Plaza, watching … Continue reading Of Beauty Parlors and Brown Bananas