Part 2: The race towards death

In a world of artificial organs and aggressive intervention, how much is too much in our fight against ailment? How far is too far in our race against illness?


Part 1: Living your final years with grace

I would see her seated by the edge of the bed, seeing, looking, listless into the roads and train lines across. All she wanted was to travel as she once did but in her final years, when even a short walk proved to be an ordeal, how best do we allow our elderly to exit the stage with grace?

Of Beauty Parlors and Brown Bananas

“You, very good girl. Not crying. Good customer.” The slight curl of the syllables, the rolled ‘r’s of a different tongue, was followed by a vigorous plucking pulled between twisted thread that left a stinging throb beneath my skin. I was seated in one of the many beauty parlors dotting the Tanjong Pagar Plaza, watching … Continue reading Of Beauty Parlors and Brown Bananas